Coaching & Wellbeing 

Balance is not something you find - it is something you create.

Life, Wellbeing & Business Coaching and Mentoring

Sometimes we all need a little guidance and help to re-focus.

We all experience pressure in our daily lives and how you keep yourself mentally healthy and living well is fundamental. Let go of your unconscious blocks to success, make inspired choices and create synergy between your personal values and your goals.

If you want to take a fresh look at life, improve your personal development, and refuel your passion and creativity for your work and home life, then through coaching I can help you unlock your potential and get you on the right path with clear direction.  Contact me today to discover how I can help.

Career Coaching

The job market can be tough. If you are looking for a new job but not getting the success with your CV and interview performance, then I can help you every step of the way. From dealing with pressure and stress, establishing your personal job campaign, creating your own market focused CV, right through to being successful at interviews. With a mock interview over Zoom or Teams, I will give you feedback on your interview style, how you are answering key questions and where you might be selling yourself short.

The number of sessions will depend on your requirements. Contact me today to find out more.