Individual & Team Coaching

Individual coaching

With a business and / or health and wellbeing coach you can get all the support you need to reach peak performance and work life balance.

Individual coaching enables people to develop the skills necessary to achieve great things. As everyone is unique, our services are tailored to each individual. All of our coaching holds at its foundation the fact that every single person has the innate resources to tackle whatever comes their way. Our passion is to enable you to be the best you can possibly be. 


Team coaching

When its' teams are working brilliantly, an organisation delivers brilliant results.

Organisational structures can often include team management within departments, cross–functional and project teams through to virtual groups. Getting the many teams in such an organisation to operate even moderately well can seem a challenge – and brilliance may seem a distant dream.

That’s where myself and Morgan Redwood come in. We will help your teams in their many guises perform better, not just today or tomorrow, but continuously.

Contact me today for a tailor made approach to suit you or your team internationally, across the UK and in Monmouthshire, Berkshire, Surrey and Oxfordshire.