Leadership & HR

Janice is founder and MD of Morgan Redwood – A HR, strategy, leadership development and coaching company specialising in stress management and wellbeing.


  • We believe companies are successful when their people are inspired, confident, full of purpose and equipped with the right skills and competencies to tackle whatever comes their way. Equally, these are the elements for employee engagement leading to happy, fulfilled individuals. When individuals are inspired and motivated, sickness absence decreases, issues are dealt with through respectful communications and performance and customer service levels increase.

  • Transformation is only possible if there is a fundamental shift in values and attitudes of all individuals. This begins with personal awareness & responsibility for all employees and managers to transform their own behaviours.

  • Successful organisations develop a whole systems approach that integrates both sustainable management with training, development and mentoring within its strategy and culture.


Business Strategy & HR

  • With a unique Business Strategy Diagnostic© organisational change is driven through the integration of business strategy, people strategy and culture, which results in measurable performance improvement.

  • This unique tool creates clarity on what is currently working well in the organisation and what needs to change. Our consultants guide leaders through an assessment so they can utilise their current position as a positive platform for change and employee engagement.

  • A detailed report and route map through to future success, allows organisations to create their business vision and values enabling clear direction that results in increased business performance and improved customer service.

  • Strategic and operational HR support is provided including organisational development, competency assessment, performance management and a full People Strategy.


Stress Management & Wellbeing

  • Things only become stressful when we exceed our personal capacity to cope, and we all have different levels of capacity as we are each individual and unique. The stress response triggers similar chemicals in the body as motivation – so at Morgan Redwood we show you how to harness your responses in a positive way. Our consultants can show you how to motivate employees and have employee engagement as a foundation stone to your business.

  • Our programmes offer practical tools and techniques for personal development and skill enhancement so all individuals know how to achieve personal life balance, health and wellbeing.

  • Together with our Executive Coaching these training programmes ensure managers learn about the impact they have on others – both positive and negative, which is then transformed so the needs of each individual can be met and motivation levels excel.


Leadership Development & Coaching

  • In understanding a company’s strategic direction, value is added to the organisation, and individuals and teams are enabled to achieve their full potential.

  • Our transformational leadership programmes are bespoke and experiential. Morgan Redwood design and develop programmes in duration and content that suits your organisation with the language that fits into your culture and future direction.

  • Companies often want to know how to motivate employees and through our coaching and transformational leadership programmes we help unlock the skills, attitude and creativity that individuals and teams need. This training has a profound impact effecting both career and personal life – which in turn has a massive impact on the organisation.