Is it time to cleanse?

  • Is it time to cleanse?

    Is it time to cleanse?

    The deterioration in my health all started with parasites triggering off a whole range of symptoms resulting in Lyme, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr and many other co-infections.

    In the two and a half years I have been charting my way through the impact of all of these issues, I have learnt so much. I am not out of the woods yet and am doing all I can to get improvements.

    So as part of my return to health and having tried all sorts of different treatments I decided to go back to basics and review what is going on with my gut.

    A healthy gut is the foundation of health.

    Mine is a mess!

    Whilst last year I thought I had got rid of them, having researched more on parasites and done more tests, it is evident that I have an array of parasites still taking advantage of my lowered immune system.

    We all have bacteria and parasites in us. Not a particularly nice thing to visualise but something that we can all easily pick up. A healthy immune system can normally deal with such invaders when you have enough of the healthy bacteria residing in your gut. The problem is because of diet and other environmental issues, many of us don’t have an efficient enough system to keep them fully in check.

    As my system is obviously compromised I have been on a new mission to try to get rid of the pesky invaders and have gone for the herbal cleanse option. Having taken it for 15 days with a break of 5 days and then taking another batch for a further 15 days, I have experienced lots of difficulties with the die off reactions.

    What are the Die off reactions?

    When pathogens and parasites die off in your system it isn’t an easy thing to deal with. As the toxins from the die off are released in to your system it can cause fever, chills, muscle and joint pain, sweats, stomach pain and upset, brain fog, headaches, dizziness, tooth pain and many other adverse affects. This is known as the Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction or ‘herx’.

    I have had all of those symptoms and more but have stuck with it in order to gradually get these things out of my system.

    Rather than mix my own herbs I went for the easy option at this stage and bought a pre-prepared herbal cleanse(Renew Life, ParaGone, Advanced Micro-Organism Detoxification Programmeme, 2 Part Programmeme).


    Having finished on the parasite cleanse I have progressed to a Candida cleanse (Renew Life candigone 60 capsules). Yeast and candida can run riot in your gut in the wake of anti-biotics and other health issues. So I am now progressing with that.

    I am continuing with herbal protocols to blast the pathogens and bacteria with all I can. It is causing the die off reactions as my body deals with the endotoxins released as the harmful bacteria, pathogens and parasites die off, but it will be worth it.

    PH Levels

    Low stomach acid encourages the growth of parasites, yeast and other harmful bacteria in all of us. I have been working on my PH levels for sometime through my diet. You can read more about your PH levels in my previous blog  ‘Why Chickpeas are no longer my friend!’

    I recommend checking out your own PH levels – You can buy the test strips in chemists or on line – here is what they look like on Amazon:

    Too much acidity leads to all sorts of health issues so whether you have Lyme, other autoimmune or health issues – or even if you are feeling great (lucky you if you are!), check your PH levels regularly and put healthy options in place to bring your body in to a better balance. It is essential for your longer term health.

    If you are looking for a general cleanse to give your health a boost then you could consider one of these:
    Renew Life CleanseSMART Kit
    Renew Life First Cleanse – 28 Capsules

    (Remember to always check in with your health professional if you are on medication etc to make sure what you are going to do or take is ok for you).

    Best wishes to you all



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