Why do we fall down?

  • Why do we fall down?

    Why do we fall down?

    For some unknown reason to me, my legs have been giving way over the last few weeks. Quite random and with no warning so I have tumbled down the stairs a few times which isn’t terribly supportive for general health!

    Why? I’m not sure. I have pushed myself to do more, walk a little further and I am incorporating a few more yoga stretches to build up. My pain level has ramped up with many of my other issues causing several difficulties too. Rather frustrating but I am going with it!

    A check up with my doctor has resulted in the realisation that as I have been ill for over two and a half years, with limitations on my ability to do things, my muscle tone and strength has deteriorated to that of an 80 year old. More tests to be done but all things contributing to weakness and me falling.

    Marvellous! Not what someone wants to hear but the reality of that fact gives me more determination to stick with the pain and carry on trying to improve without sending myself backwards.

    I might be having physical difficulties, but it also provides a reminder for a valuable life lesson.

    Why do we fall down?

    So we can get back up and try again of course!

    • Sometimes in life things don’t go as we had planned.
    • Sometimes it feels like our whole world has turned upside down.
    • Sometimes it feels like we have failed.

    But the truth is, we haven’t failed. We simply have an opportunity for finding new ways of doing things.

    Things might not be as we had planned but we now have the space to let new things emerge that we might not have imagined.

    The journey isn’t always an easy one but there is so much learning in everything that we do. We just need to look for the lesson and do something about it.

    Doing more of the same doesn’t give a different result.

    So find a new approach and make a positive change.

    If you fall down, find a way to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, find a different approach and move forward.

    I don’t remember signing up for Lyme Disease and other autoimmune problems, but this is how my life is at the moment.

    Finding a way out of the diseases I have feels like setting out to climb the tallest mountain without the right equipment and no idea where to start. It is like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle with lots of the pieces missing.

    I have always liked a challenge and this is the biggest challenge I have had to face. I also know with determination there is nothing that can’t be achieved.

    Whatever your puzzle or mountain is – find a way to conquer it!


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