9 things I have learnt by living with Lyme Disease

  • 9 things I have learnt by living with Lyme Disease

    9 things I have learnt by living with Lyme Disease

    Two and a half years in and I am learning lots and seeking gradual improvements every day and every week.


    Having a long term, chronic illness isn’t the easiest of things to deal with, especially when there is no cure and all most doctors offer you is anti-depressants and painkillers. Not an option I wanted to go for. So my journey with the debilitating and painful disease continues.


    From the experience I:


    • Have learnt to be patient when doctors and others can’t see anything wrong with me.
    • Understand the importance of moving, even when in constant pain. If I don’t tomorrow is worse.
    • Have learnt enormous amounts about nutrition and supplements.
    • Am more resilient than I ever thought I would need to be.
    • Know who my true friends are and who I can always rely on to help and support.
    • Have let go of toxic people from my life, which is a blessing in itself.
    • Know you need surprisingly little to have a happy life.
    • Am reminded that laughter feeds mind, body and soul.
    • Appreciate life and all there is to offer.


    My journey continues as I recover my health.


    There is learning in everything and everything has a purpose.


    I blog regularly on my Thrive in Life 360 site (thrive in life blog), so hop on over there for all the latest information and tips on how you too can make positive changes for your own health and wellbeing.


    There are thousands of people battling Chronic Lyme Disease, other co-infections and auto-immune diseases. With no cure, more needs to be done for better testing, improved treatment and research in to cures.


    With my best wishes as always




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