Time for a detox!

  • Time for a detox!

    Time for a detox!

    Life, and the 50 at 50, continues despite the challenge of low energy. I have found out this week that I have parasites. Yuk! Picked up in South Africa, no wonder I feel so debilitated. After three and a half months it seems they have made themselves quite at home so I now find the stomach pain, aches and low energy has increased. I am waiting now to find out what drugs I can take to get rid of them, as I am allergic to some medication it is proving tricky to get a prescription. I do however have to go on a strict diet which means no sugar ……. and no wine! Those of you that know me will appreciate that I enjoy a glass of wine so going without that for a few months and being on a detox is something that I definitely didn’t have on my list! It is something to be embraced though so I will make sure I have a bottle chilling in the fridge for when I am better! That certainly will be a celebration!

    I have finished the painting class and have enjoyed it so much that I have signed up for another one. Jo and Liz in New Seasons Art are amazing the way they teach so I am looking forward to the next one starting in June and my friend Gay is going to join me, so the creativity and relaxation is spreading.

    I also went to a talk on Winston Churchill and the design of various weapons and equipment from the base local to where I live. Gordon Rogers giving the talk, made it both interesting and amusing as he also weaved in the stories of when he was a young boy. The things he got up to, I won’t commit to print, but how he didn’t blow himself up I will never understand!

    After that my lovely friends Linda, Ashley and I got to go for a drive in Winston Churchill’s car which was great fun and quite unexpected. Followed by a delicious lunch, it proved to be a fantastic day out and has definitely made it to the list.

    I am carrying on with reading the autobiographies. Having finished Rosa Parks I am now on to the Dalai Lama. I am so pleased with the suggestion from Louise and can’t quite believe I haven’t found time for things like that before. But then again time flies doesn’t it!

    More planned for the coming weeks. However I will make sure I get plenty of rest and relaxation so I can get better. To be perfectly honest – I am a little bored with feeling unwell.

    I don’t think we appreciate our body and health enough sometimes until we hit problems. Then we miss it. Maybe we all need to appreciate what we have and nurture ourselves a little more?

    In the words of the great man himself:

    “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference”
    Winston Churchill

    I hope you all have a great week.

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