A slow start but …….

  • A slow start but …….

    A slow start but …….

    Sometimes time goes so quickly I feel like I am going downhill on roller skates – far too fast and with little control! So with the middle of February here already, I decided last week that I seriously needed to crack on with my 50 at 50!

    Having spent a somewhat emotional and also inspiring week in South Africa with Angels-Charity and the children being helped at the Hem project, I had a few days of quiet contemplation, allowing it all to integrate.

    I have added a few more things to my list of 50 as I started the week, but it still isn’t complete so I am open to suggestions!

    Over the last week I have started on numbers 3 and 4 so here is the latest update.

    I have always said that I would love to be able to draw or paint and not done anything about it. So last week I signed up for an art class to learn how to sketch. I have to say I absolutely loved it. It was great to do something completely different and get out of my thinking brain for a while. Tackling something that I haven’t done before, opening myself up to a little creativity while acknowledging to myself that it didn’t have to be a masterpiece. I just enjoyed the experience of learning something new, doing my best and seeing what unfolded before me. I haven’t finished my first piece yet but am working on it.

    Through the experience, I was reminded how important it is to just be in the moment. To be mindful and fully present. It also reminded me of how easy it is to slip out of that and allow the brain to race in all sorts of different directions – past, future and even just whirling round at a frantic pace with current ‘to-do’ lists. I know which energy I prefer – and it isn’t the whirling!

    Number 4 of 50 is a fitness challenge. The gym I am a member of started a swimming fitness challenge from the 11th February to the 28th. Not a massively long time but I was looking to test myself in some way and when I saw it was a minimum of 50 lengths in each session it seemed to resonate perfectly!

    Whilst there is a prize for whoever does the most, I am undertaking it as a personal challenge. I normally do about 30 lengths two or three times a week, so committing to doing 50 each time is a great way for me to push myself and increase my fitness at the same time. So whilse I might do an average of 100 lengths in a normal week I am looking to double that and then see what improvements I notice as I step into March.

    So number 3 and 4 will be ongoing for a few weeks and I will keep you posted on progress, I am now going to move on to number 5. More on that next time!

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