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    50 at 50

    The first of 50 at 50

    In 2015 I will be 50.

    I am still not sure how that happened so quickly but here I find myself. So rather than wonder how time evaporated so quickly and be depressed at how fast the years have flown by, I have decided to look at things differently.

    So this year – in 2015, I will be doing 50 different things in my 50th year. I am going to bring in a little bit more life balance, a little bit more self development and a lot more fun! Some things I am going to look to achieve will be things I have always wanted to do, other things will include things I haven’t done for some time and have just not got around to due to other commitments. The rest of the 50 will be challenges and maybe with a few strange and bizarre things thrown in for good measure!

    The bottom line will be having fun, achieving things, experiencing different things and enjoying lots more life balance.

    My number 1 was to go to the Albert Hall, as I have never been, and also to see Cirque Du Soleil. Again something I have always wanted to do and just not got there. So on Friday 23rd January, I set off with my gorgeous stepdaughter, Katie to experience the first of my 50.


    Starting with a delicious early supper, we arrived at the Albert Hall to be met by lovely, helpful staff and with a quick visit to get a glass of something cold, we took our seats. The show Kooza was amazing. Great fun and the demonstration of incredible skill. The whole show moves seamlessly from one scene to another.

    The clowns being an integral part of the show, brought on a couple of ‘volunteers’ from the audience and I must say, what great sports they both were for their total spontaneity and fully taking part in the performance.

    The themes of the show are fear, identity, recognition and power. Something, perhaps that we can relate back to elements of our own lives and even the working environment. What I was most struck by was the way the Cirque Du Soleil team worked together. The amount of time they must put in for training and self development is astounding. They worked with total respect for the role that each member of the team undertook. The story was stunning and the artists were amazing. They changed sets, brought on equipment and worked together in a way that was seamless and incredible to watch. They did things by conquering fear, knowing their own role, respecting and recognising that of others, without a power struggle taking over the needs of the team and what was to be achieved for the performance. A strong lesson for teams in a business environment to learn I think!

    So it has to be said. The amazing company of Katie, the Albert Hall, the skill of the artists and the overall performance of Cirque du Soleil, proved to be the recipe for a fantastic number 1 of 50.

    My number 2 of 50 is setting off to South Africa with Angels, the charity I am a Trustee of – www.angels-charity.org.

    More on that when I return after next week!

    In the meantime, have a great week with your own experiences and challenges and hopefully your own self development and life balance!

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