Treat your employees well when you downsize

When you are downsizing or restructuring, how you treat your employees throughout the process is fundamental for your continued business performance and success.

As you go through the process, your remaining employees will be paying attention to how you treat their colleagues as they exit the business. If you get it wrong you will end up losing the top talent you wanted to retain.

Get the right legal process

If you need support with restructuring and the right legal process, then I can show you how to stay out of legal difficulties, train your managers and guide your organisation through the whole process so you come out the other side and flourish.

Outplacement Support

To support your outgoing employees, I have created a comprehensive online course that can be accessed via your own company homepage. Each employee gets their own personal and confidential login so they can work through the course via self managed time. With CV and letter templates, a competency framework so they can prepare for interviews, this online course goes a step further and shows people how to deal with the pressure of redundancy, build self esteem and confidence as well as how to access all options for searching for new roles.

Group Workshops

If you want to provide face to face support, I can run focused workshops for CV design, preparation for interviews and how to set up an effective job search.

With cost effective solutions, your brand will flourish through difficult times and all of your employees will be given the support and guidance they deserve.