Online Courses

How you can Thrive in Life 

I created the Thrive in Life 360 membership, Premier Membership and online courses on a range of topics to support individuals looking to make a difference in life.

Based on my own Resilience Model and a Happiness Audit that will give you new direction and motivation to be the best version of yourself, there are a range of options to suit.


You can join as a member for free and get access to all of our great resources and top tips.

Join my Premier Membership and get access to loads of great stuff every month that others don't get to see. Premier Membership will give you a guided focus with a complete package that introduces you to all the latest thinking on a range of topics that will show you how to develop a whole new level of resilience, happiness and work life balance. Not only that but you get to join an ever expanding community of like minded people.


Every course is unique and accessed through your own personal, confidential login. Courses are made up of informative text, coaching questions, multiple choice questionnaires, video and audio clips. You record your answers, thoughts and successes and set yourself goals and then save it all confidentially so you can access it again whenever you want to. 

Separated into easily digestible modules, you can work at your own pace and will gain valuable insights and a unique perspective on all areas of your life.

Thrive in Life is life coaching with a difference - an easily accessible and cost effective solution for you to work through, build your resilience and reclaim your focus and passion for life!  

Check out the Thrive in Life website and check out our video on how it all works and take the first step to a brighter future, better work life balance and happiness.