Sliding down the stairs

  • Sliding down the stairs

    Sliding down the stairs

    I have hit a bad patch again for no apparent reason. The last few days I have been reduced to going back down the stairs on my bottom and crawling back up

    That part of having Lyme Disease, I thought I had left behind me but here it is again as a reminder to be mindful and respectful of what my body is dealing with at the moment.


    Having chronic Lyme Disease has taught me many things. The the most part of 2015, I went through a range of symptoms, not knowing what was wrong with me, trying to carry on as normal when the doctors told me they couldn’t find anything wrong. I knew there was something wrong with me, so I learnt to never give up.

    Another thing that having Lyme has taught me is how to be still. I was fairly good at being fully present before, but now I am even more so and make sure I appreciate every moment and what I can achieve in each day.


    Healing on all levels
    I also now know that healing needs to take place on all levels. It isn’t possible to gain physical improvement without also taking mental health and resilience forward at the same time. The human body is a fascinating piece of machinery. The link to our thoughts, our mental health and the complexity of our bodily functions, is a fascination to me.

    From my work and training I have always concentrated on the positivity of mind and the importance of emotional wellbeing. I have always understood the importance of nutritional and physical health but now my fascination has extended to a much deeper level. One that I will follow in order to get myself well and out of this disease.


    A lesson for us all
    To everyone out there, I would say you know your own body better than anyone. If you are unwell, don’t let anyone tell you there is nothing wrong with you. Take responsibility for yourself. Take it slowly, and concentrate on your physical, nutritional, mental and emotional wellbeing simultaneously. It takes conscious awareness and that holistic approach to fully step forward into true health.


    It’s a journey
    Having been able to walk for miles, swim for 50 lengths and work 12 hour days at the beginning of 2015, I am now still counting steps in the 100’s rather than the recommended 10,000.

    Yes I am back to crawling up stairs and sliding back down, but there is joy to be had in even those moments. If I were feeling ok I wouldn’t get to do that. It wouldn’t have triggered happy childhood memories off of doing the same thing in fun rather than necessity. I wouldn’t have burst out loud and reminded myself to find enjoyment and achievement in every day.


    Take a different perspective
    So I think the most important thing in every day is to take a different perspective. Rather than concentrate on the negative, find the positive.

    So rather than rush down the stairs today, maybe slide down instead and enjoy some laughter?

    After all – the days go by so quickly for all of us and we never get them back.


    3 August 2016

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