Today you are you! That is truer than true!

  • Today you are you! That is truer than true!

    Today you are you! That is truer than true!

    Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you! Dr Seuss


    For me, a birthday is always a good time for reflection and to consider goals for the coming year. As I think back to my 50th birthday, I wasn’t well, but had no idea of the deterioration that was in store for me.


    As I turn 51 today, I look forward to the year ahead. I may be in a period of ill-health, but that is just the cards I have been dealt at the moment, so I remain determined to find my way out of this debilitating illness, Chronic Lyme Disease.


    It is so important to focus on positive things. I might still be challenged health wise, but I can access my brain a little more now, which is always a good thing! I am back doing a little work from home, a huge positive for me. Every day I congratulate myself for what I have been able to achieve. I don’t focus on the negatives of what I haven’t been able to do.


    A platform for health

    When the pain goes through the roof and my mood drops into the basement, I make myself do things. I make sure I move at least 900 steps and I make myself eat. I don’t feel like it, but I make sure I do it, as I know if I don’t, tomorrow will be worse. That way I keep myself out of depression. It is a fine balance, as if I over do it, I can write off a few days, as the pain, fatigue and everything else gets worse.


    So I have found my platform for how I keep myself ok. Doing that, I have progressed from being able to only move 250 steps on a bad day up to 600 and now I have got to 900. On a good day I can get up to 1500. I am really pleased with that and I will continue to find ways to improve.


    Packing it in!
    I am taking an enormous amount of vitamins and supplements now in an attempt to get the chemicals out of my body and improve my immune system. I pay more attention to what I am putting in to my body than I ever have. I am using my food as medicine. I have the most delicious smoothie for breakfast, packed with nutrients to set me up for the day. I make sure I have loads of healthy veg and protein and stay away from things that can cause acidity and inflammation. (Although I will be having a of glass of wine to celebrate my birthday I’m sure!).


    Fully Present
    I meditate every day. I do creative and relaxing things. I am mindful and fully present in all that I do, so whatever I am doing is the primary focus and the pain becomes secondary. That way the illness doesn’t define who I am.


    I do my best to keep smiling. I believe laughter feeds mind, body and soul.


    There are so many things to appreciate in life. Being ill has forced me to slow down. I am learning so much every day on my journey back to health. I have amazing people in my life, for which I am truly blessed.


    It is so important to appreciate who you are and whom you have in your life, so find ways to tell them how much you care.


    Love and laugh every day. They are two of the best tonics anyone could ask for.




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