Why you need these 3 Super Foods!

  • Why you need these 3 Super Foods!

    Why you need these 3 Super Foods!

    As part of my own journey with Lyme Disease, I am continually researching about different foods, herbs and supplements that can support a healthy immune system so wanted to share with you how you can benefit from these 3 wonderful things!


    This is now one of my new best friends! There is a ton of research out there, including clinical trials on its benefits, so here goes.

    It is anti-inflammatory, so is great for your skin, chronic pain and things such as rheumatoid arthritis. It has been shown to lower blood glucose levels and reverse insulin resistance so is ace for diabetes. I found one piece of research showing it to be 400 times more potent than Metformin, a common diabetes drug! It improves mitochondrial cell function, improves metabolism, boosts antioxidant levels and the immune system, as well as increasing the ability to inhibit cancer cell growth.

    Loving it so far? Well there is more. . .

    Turmeric helps improve oxygen intake of the brain, which in turn can increase the uptake of hormones such as serotonin and melatonin, which impact our sleep and mood. It has been shown to be more effective in managing depression than Prozac.  Wow!

    What is there not to love!

    I put the powdered form and the fresh root into food. I also grate the fresh root straight in to a glass of water with my squeezed lemon juice and grated ginger in the morning. You can also get curcumin, turmeric’s primary component, as a supplement, so I am taking that too.


    Ginger also has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, so helps with pain management, which is why it is now a staple in my kitchen. It is also a great thing to help with digestion and has also been shown to help with nausea, sea-sickness and morning sickness. Research from 2015 has indicated that it is a powerful anti-diabetic so great for heart health too!

    Gingerol also boosts the immune system, helps lower the risk of infections and inhibits the growth of many types of bacteria.

    Another true ‘super food’! Start adding it to your food and drinks and reap the benefits.


    Garlic contains vitamins C, B6, manganese, selenium and antioxidants – mostly notably allicin.

    Wrap all of that in to one tasty ingredient for food and you get effective help to fight against high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, cholesterol, colds and some cancers.

    What is there not to love about it? It might linger on your breath but is also considered an aphrodisiac as well as a vampire repellent, so be brave and go for it!

    It is a main ingredient for me in meals. It is more beneficial raw but adds amazing flavour when grated in food. You can roast it in whole bulbs with your potatoes and veg or even go hard core and include wild garlic in to your morning smoothie. I have. It’s delicious!

    3 Super Foods!

    I am always looking out for new great ways to improve my health, so would love to hear from you if you have suggestions. And if you create a new delicious recipe with turmeric, ginger and garlic this Bank Holiday weekend, then let me know!

    Boost your health and be well.



    (Remember if you have a current health condition and are taking other medication or supplements, then check in with your health professional).

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