7 Ways to Boost Your Energy and Wellbeing

  • 7 Ways to Boost Your Energy and Wellbeing

    7 Ways to Boost Your Energy and Wellbeing

    Whether you are in the middle of a new job search or looking to generally give yourself a boost, my latest blog for Glassdoor UK will give you all the tips you need.

    Sometimes when we are feeling under pressure, a bit tired or just simply really busy trying to get through the ‘to do’ list, we can forget to place the level of focus on ourselves that we need to sustain our personal health and wellbeing.

    Boosting your wellbeing is the best thing that you can do to improve the quality of your life, to increase your resilience and energy and to give yourself the best chance of securing your next job role.

    Here are my top 7 ways of boosting your energy and wellbeing:

    1. Exercise:

      Exercise is the best thing you can do. Being active releases endorphins – your body’s natural happy hormone, that helps to counter balance all the negative ones flying around in your system when you are under pressure. So get up and move! Sitting down and being sedentary restricts your energy levels and negatively impacts on your concentration.

    1. Set Goals

      Setting goals and time management is a core skill. Get yourself organised. Have a method of keeping on top of your ‘to-do’ list in a way that works for you. Make a note of what you need to achieve. Break bigger tasks down into more manageable chunks and set yourself realistic timescales. Regularly prioritise and re-prioritise so you make sure you are keeping on top of things.

    1. Eat Healthy

      A good healthy diet and eating about every 3 to 4 hours will keep your energy levels up. Vitamin B plays a vital role in dealing with ‘stress’ so make sure you are getting enough – things like spinach is a great source. There are also lots of other foods that can help keep you energised. Make sure you have plenty of green leafy veg, turkey, salmon, nuts and seeds –all the things that are great sources of nutrients.

    1. Snack Healthy

      Keep your sugar and caffeine intake down to a reasonable level – when you have an energy slump we naturally reach for a tea or coffee, biscuits or chocolate. Instead, have a range of healthy snacks – the protein from a handful of nuts, for example, will give you prolonged energy rather than the sugar rush from a bar of chocolate that will leave you slumped again in no time.

    1. Drink Water

      Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins and to stay hydrated as part of a healthy balanced diet. To give yourself an extra boost, drink a glass of freshly squeezed lemon in water first thing in the morning. Lemon has an alkalizing effect on the body so helps digestion as well as supporting your liver in the release of toxins that it has processed overnight.

    1. Sleep

      Make sure you get enough sleep. Sleep is crucial for your body to recharge and regenerate and for your brain to ‘file’ things into longer-term memory. Dream sleep is the brain’s way of discharging what you haven’t been able to deal with in the day, so a vital part of stress management.

    2. Relax

      In your weekly schedule, build in time for rest and relaxation. Building time into your week for hobbies and connecting with friends are key pieces of the wellbeing and resilience jigsaw puzzle.


    Make some changes and give yourself the best chance for an energised and successful job search.


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