Hitting a low point to spring forward ….

  • Hitting a low point to spring forward ….

    Hitting a low point to spring forward ….

    Being an advocate for a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, I know I not only have to concentrate on what I am putting in to my body, but also what I do for my physical health and mental wellbeing.

    IMG_2845I now have all my new supplements to take so I can try to reboot my immune system. To be honest, I am not sure there are enough hours in the day to take them all (!), but it is the best chance I have of giving my body the kick start it needs so I can try to fight off all the chemicals, germs and pathogens I have in me.

    I have also worked out that if I don’t go over 600 steps on a relatively bad day, then I don’t deteriorate further and have to write off the following 3 to 5 days.

    So two positive things.

    Genius – maybe not!

    This week, I had the genius idea of having a massage. Previously one of my favourite things for enhancing my general wellbeing, my genius idea this week has caused me enormous difficulties. The pain in my legs and arms has gone through the roof.

    As a consequence I have struggled on many levels. With my pain level right up, my appetite has dropped and my mood has tumbled down with it. I have been making myself eat, but have had less than I would normally and I certainly haven’t had the enthusiasm for preparing my food as I have been.

    Food as medicine

    So for all of you Lymies and anyone out there that is unwell or depressed, the learning here is that it is fundamental to get the right food and nutrients into your system no matter how you feel.

    If you don’t feel like eating, give yourself a boost and make a smoothie out of essential greens and berries so you get the vitamins and anti-oxidants that you need. With a low mood, doing anything is the last thing you feel like doing but you absolutely must so you give your body the best chance of helping you get back up.

    A vicious cycle

    No matter how you feel, how much pain you are in or what emotional low you are experiencing – move and eat the right foods. Get the essential nutrients in your body for your immune system and brain to have the best chance of keeping you going. Get up and move. You won’t feel like it. I don’t. I am literally forcing myself to get to my 600 steps.  I know without raising my endorphin levels, my mood will drop even lower and I will struggle even more with all that I face each day.

    So I admit I have hit a low and have felt like I can’t do this anymore. I can’t keep getting up in the morning in pain and not being able to do things.

    But the truth is I have to. I have to keep going. We all do.

    There is always something positive in every day. Sometimes we just have to dig deep and remind ourselves to acknowledge the little successes and the good things.

    Make spring time, a happy time

    So I will carry on. I will make myself move and eat and lift myself back up. I will carry on finding the positives in each day and I hope you all will too.

    I hope the coming week brings each of you happy times, loving connections, laughter and good health.

    Let’s all find a way to spring forward!

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