50 at 50 – grinding to a halt!

  • 50 at 50 – grinding to a halt!

    50 at 50 – grinding to a halt!

    It is some time since I wrote a blog and as 2016 seems to be surging ahead as we step in to February, I thought it about time to update things.

    I did add a couple of things to my achievements of my 50 at 50, but will start off by explaining the reason my activity ground to a halt. Sadly after the summer of 2015, my health took a tumble and I deteriorated. I will tell you a little of that but first my number 28 and 29!

    CNV00005My number 28 was to go to La Tomatina – the Tomato Festival – or basically a massive tomato fight! My gorgeous friend Kirsty, also celebrating her 50th, her daughter Tilly and my Katie, set off and took part in one of the most bizarre experiences any of us have ever been involved in. We met some fantastic new friends there, and although I do admit to struggling health wise, the day was great fun, we got absolutely covered in tomatoes, then hosed down with water by the locals in order to clean us all up!! It is certainly something for you to consider if you want to do something completely out of the ordinary –we met several people that had been a few times but I have to admit that whilst it was great fun and I am glad I did it I am not convinced it is something that I would repeat!

    IMG_3642As part of going to La Tomatina, my number 29 was to stay and visit Valencia, a beautiful city that I hadn’t been to before. They have a cycling culture and the roads and pavements have specific cycle lanes so it is safe and easy to get around. The architecture, park land, beach, sunshine and sheer beauty of the place is enough to draw me back and also to recommend it to you.

    Unfortunately the cycling seemed to trigger off a level of numbness down my legs that I hadn’t experienced before. It got worse when we got home and ultimately resulted in me being admitted to hospital.

    Having been ill since early 2015, with varying symptoms, it transpires that the parasites I contracted on my charity trip to South Africa, seems to have triggered a range of viruses sitting in my system.

    Throughout 2015, having lost access to my brain, my concentration levels dipped to an all time low and my body gave in to migraine headaches, fever, numbness, pain and exhaustion. I have had test after test, time in hospital and a range of appointments with various specialists which has resulted in me being diagnosed with Central Sensitivity Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Migraine, and Chronic Fatigue / ME. After yet more tests, I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease.

    A year later in February 2016, I am in the chronic stages of Lyme. A most bizarre disease that has no cure, and which leaves the sufferer trying to find a way to manage the pain and debilitation. It is constant. Reading about Lyme just cannot prepare anyone for the actual experience of it. Having been on long-term antibiotics, I deteriorated further physically. So I have come off the medication and now am in search of a way to get myself well.

    I will be writing blogs here and also on my Thrive in Life 360 blog page (www.thriveinlifeblog.com) as I chart my progress through Lyme, all the other co-infections and a weakened immune system that has turned on my body.
    Lyme wasn’t on my list of 50 at 50 but certainly ensured that all the fun and challenging things I had set out to do, have ground to a halt.

    I am determined to find a way out of this and get my life back. So watch this space!

    Be well and enjoy life.

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    • Wishing you success in your fight against Lyme… if there is anything I can do to help you please do not hesitate to ask. You are a brave lady and have always been an inspiration to so many people (including me ?) so if anyone can battle back to good health I know it will be you who will achieve it. Love and Best Wishes xx

    • Hi! Just stumbled by your post and wtaned to leave a comment. I started my blog after finding myself in a remission from rheumatoid arthritis, and having just gone through thyroid cancer. Occasionally I blog about my past health struggles, and I’m always hoping that it will be helpful to someone in the wide world. In writing about your health trials, I think you’re giving voice to issues that others will find encouraging and even inspirational! And that’s a great thing!

        • Jan
        • 9th April 2016 at 12:41 pm

        Thank you Margaret. I wish you well and the continuation of your own better health.


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