Amazing adventures & surprising things!

  • Amazing adventures & surprising things!

    Amazing adventures & surprising things!

    August has been action packed and has provided the opportunity for doing several of my 50 things. After the graduation, Katie and I set off on our journey to the Bahamas to swim with wild dolphins – something that I have wanted to do for several years. In order to get there we had to get to Fort Lauderdale and then take a small plane over to Bimini. As there were only four of us on the plane, I got to be co-pilot and had a go at the controls as my number 19. I thought the pilot was joking when he said for me to take the steering wheel (not even sure if that is the correct technical term!) but soon realized he was serious when the plane rocked from side to side when I took the controls! Katie and my two other passengers remained in good humour thankfully! Such a great experience and certainly not something that happens frequently!


    Number 20 for me was swimming with wild dolphins. What an amazing experience. To be in the water with them choosing to swim with us was magical. Some of the people in the group as well as our hosts at Wild Quest, could free dive so to see the dolphins swimming down and around people was amazing. Free diving isn’t a skill I have ever mastered but is now something that I am going to learn although I might have to tackle that next year!


    On a couple of days when we were out on the boat, we found small pods a little away from the boat so the Wild Quest team put two lines off the back of the boat with handles spaced along them. We all got in and held on to the handles and then they pulled us through the water and then the dolphins came and swam along side us.


    The team at Wild Quest are fantastic and ensured we all had such a great week. We met some amazing people who will be great friends going forward, the food was fantastic, great yoga and meditation and seeing giant turtles and swimming with the dolphins provided for an unforgettable experience. I am not often lost for words but the memory of that will stay with me for the rest of my days.


    21 on my list was to go somewhere that I always said I would never go. That place for me was Miami. So as part of the trip I stepped out of my comfort zone to challenge old assumptions and I must say I loved the place. For number 22, we went to a baseball game with two of our new friends Shauna and Carla and had such a good laugh. I was amazed how people just randomly turn up, long after the game has started and not fully understanding the rules, it seem to come to such a sudden end! Another great experience though and both Katie and I are so appreciative to Shauna and Carla for inviting us.


    Before going on to the next adventure I simply have to mention the lovely man who drove us back and to the airport and to the game. What a gentleman. The smartest, funniest 76 years young man I have ever met – so thank you Willie for looking after us and providing tips for how I tackled the hire car driving for the next part of the trip!


    So number 23 saw us setting off for somewhere I have always wanted to visit – the Florida Keys. What a great laid back place with amazing sunsets, restaurants and things to do. We just loved it. Having asked our waitress on our first night in Key West what would be a few ‘must do’s’ when there, she immediately said we simply had to go to a Drag Queen show. Deciding to embrace different experiences and my number 24, we chose the show at Aqua. Something I would never have thought of doing before and not sought out in the UK, so was great to enjoy it and the effort that they all go to. They were all fantastic – and thanks to Katie for going along with it!


    Number 25, and I won’t divulge where or who was in the group I was with, but it was hilarious fun, a great experience and certainly something that I have never done before and didn’t think I would actually be brave enough to do! So number 25 and half way through my 50 at 50 is – skinny dipping!


    Sometimes I surprise myself! And on that note, that is the end of this blog. More to follow next week as Katie and I set off on our next adventure.

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