Graduating into a new direction

  • Graduating into a new direction

    Graduating into a new direction

    Number 19 on my list of 50 things was attending my lovely step-daughters graduation.  Such a proud moment for me, her Mum, and all of the family. It was such a fantastic thing for us to witness in her graduating with a 1st after 4 years of hard work, I simply could not be more proud of her and all the effort she has put in to making that part of her life a success.


    It was also wonderful to see her with so many of her friends and the excitement for all of them on the day in achieving their goals. Lasting bonds between many of them and memories that will take them all in to the next part of their lives.


    My step daughter is currently blessed with a new job and certainty in what she wants to do as she steps forward in her career and we are all so delighted for her.


    Many of those graduating this year are also now setting out in a new direction. Looking and securing new jobs that will take them in to a completely different phase in their lives – some approaching it with confidence in what they want to do – others may be a little unsure as to what direction to take.


    It is such an important time in life when deciding what direction to go in. Not just for new graduates but for all of us that decide we want to do something different or to branch out and move away from what maybe has kept us locked in to our pattern of daily activities.


    Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of complete change as we have commitments to honour. Whether we can make a complete change or just change some things, it is important to be brave and do what we can to bring a different level of happiness and fulfillment in to our lives.


    For me the important thing is to be true to yourself and not end up living your life by someone else’s rules or expectations.


    We each have one attempt at this life and each day, so it is important not to waste it by living in a way that suits other people and not ourselves.


    My wish for each of us is to find the courage.


    Be true to your commitments.
    Be true to yourself.
    Reach into your heart and find there what will make you happy.
    Live your life and make the most of everyday.


    Janice Haddon

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